Strange and Familiar: Architecture on Fogo Island




54 min




Katherine Knight & Marcia Connolly


This hour-long documentary captures a bold architecture project on Fogo Island, Newfoundland that embraces the excitement of living on the edge, both in relation to nature and to contemporary design. A beautifully shot film that captures the stunning landscape and extraordinary architecture that makes up the project. Featuring Zita Cobb of the Shorefast Foundation and Todd Saunders, a Newfoundland-born, Norwegian based architect.

The Fogo Island Inn sits perched on the shore of this rocky outcrop off the coast of Newfoundland, along with four sculpture-like artist studios. Designed by Gander-born architect Todd Saunders, their bold contemporary lines seem at once alien, and at home, in the ancient landscape. Gorgeously photographed over four seasons as the Inn is being constructed, the film features interviews with Saunders and Zita Cobb, a Fogo Island-born social entrepreneur who spearheaded the architectural commission as a way for the remote island to redefine its place in the world.



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