Nisyros x Eggs: collaborative cooking with nature




5 min




Costas Bissas


Coming in contact with the island of Nisyros for the first time, its sounds, image, locations, distinct characteristics and people were the starting point for exploring the geography, creating a sense of the land and co-creating three experimentation with a bespoke soundtrack.“Nisyros X Eggs: collaborative cooking with nature” illustrates the designers’ creative correlations with the environment, geothermal energy and landscape through an everyday activity, the preparation of an egg.

The video production was organized with limitations in time and resources, but filming was kept spontaneous in order to retain the sense of surprise, even for the protagonist.

“Nisyros X Eggs: collaborative cooking with nature” is the result of a seven-day design residency at Sterna Nisyros Residencies and the Time Capsule Art Project in September 2014.


The projection of the movie will take place on the Foyer of the Benaki Museum throughout the Festival.
The screenings will be free of charge.


Concept & editing: Costas Bissas

Camera: Dimosthenis Serketzis

Music: Angeliki Tsotsoni


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