Four Dimensions and One Lamp




30 min




Θανάσης Νεοφώτιστος

One lamp, one journalist, a cave, an attic, a museum, one lion, three days, four dimensions, ten children, some fairies, a few kilometers and a hundred corrugated cardboards. Through the challenge of creating a luminaire, two aspiring architects present the process of architectural creation; inspiration, composition, construction..

LOGLINE: Two apprising female architects introduce us to the process of creation with nothing but a camera crew, a cave, a lamp and some everyday reality.

After winning the 1st price with PROSEFHI: GREEK SCHOOL PRAYER (20', 2014, Golden Dionysus, 37th Drama Festival) and the award-winning POGONISKOS (10', 2015, Best Documentary, 38th Drama Festival), the new short documentary, by film director and architect Thanasis Neofotistos, FOUR DIMENSIONS AND LAMP (30', 2017), presents two young aspiring architects, who form the group "Four-Dimensions", Joanna Kazelidou and Anna Marouli. Borrowing elements from the kind of mockumentary, Thanasis Neofotistos chooses not to focus on a classical structure by quoting information through interviews. Instead, through setting a meeting of a journalist (actually the actor Konstantina Koutsonasiou) with the architecture team members, he focuses on an ongoing project, namely the design and construction of a luminaire. This condition allows him to follow the architects as they seek inspiration by visiting a cave or through the creative game with a group of children, while allowing the viewer to identify with the group members. The documentary reveals the process of architectural creation, turning the understanding of what it means for someone to practice architecture in Athens today into a vivid experience.


The movie will be projected on the Attium of  the Museum Benaki, throughout the Festival, free of entrance.


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